• ” We are a partnership of serial entrepreneurs sharing our cumulative experience and lessons learned with a new generation of great entrepreneurs”

    Eduardo Shoval, General Partner

  • “Cognitiv is here to leverage the Cognitive AI momentum and take part in the future of business, technology and dare I say – humanity”

    Yori Nelken, General Partner

  • “We have a proven experience in building category leaders with a hands-on approach based on three words:
    Prove, Nail, Scale”

    Avi Reichental, General Partner

Would you board a plane if it was the pilot’s first time flying? With General Partners who are successful former tech startup CEOs, Cognitiv has a natural advantage over other VCs; our investment decisions are deeply informed by our successes and failures in similar environments. In short, we’ve been there.

We arm our entrepreneurs with experience based insight and precise, focused guidance, as they traverse that complex landscape from development to launch to market success. Each of our portfolio companies will happily confirm it: their initial infusion of funding from Cognitiv was only the start of the critical, ongoing support they’ve received from Cognitiv as a whole.